I am She!

Date- 10th august 2011
Location- Santa Cruz, shastri nagar.
The textiles group is a varied and diverse bunch of woman of different age groups. Most of them love tailoring and are doing this course to fuel their dreams of becoming a seamstress or fashion designers!! They meet at the Santa Cruz office twice a week and learn tailoring and embroidery (what they are currently focusing on).
Their working style is different from the others. They laugh, talk and insist on having Hindi Bollywood numbers being played in the background! Each and every one of them has a talented hand which is clearly visible in their work. Today their main assignment was to finish what they had begun last week. What they did was draw different parts of a woman’s body using tracing paper on a piece of cloth provided to them. They were then asked to fill it with embroidery. Some have phenomenal pieces. They also had a little exercise to get to know each other better and to start talking about health. Each of one of them had to introduce themselves and tell the story of their life and when they felt the healthiest.
Some of the women and their stories….
Afreen, 15 years old, thinks she was the healthiest when she was in her 5th and 6th standard, after which she had an operation for her appendix and now constantly falls sick. Also she has finished her 10th standard and now is at home since she hasn’t been allowed to study further. Her brothers are educated with degrees yet she has to sit at home since she is a girl and in their community it’s not allowed for them to study further.
Nazmeen, a graduate armed with a degree in commerce feels that she was her healthiest up to her 8th standard after which she was diagnosed with TB. She too wants to pursue her education further and wants to become a C.A. however due to financial strains and social norms she can’t and is now engaged to be married next January.
Sumaiya, 17 years old, wants to learn fashion designing. She wasn’t allowed to go to college after her 10th. She somehow managed to convince her father to let her join a course on fashion designing. She said she felt the healthiest when she was in school. According to her, school life was much more exciting and fun and now all she does is sit at home which is why her health is not at its peak.
Saba finished her 12th in the arts stream and now wants to pursue a course in fashion design along with sumaiya. She has no interest in studying and wants to learn designing only. She dreams to be a big designer someday though her family isn’t supporting her. She feels she is at the best of her health now!
These are just some of the women and their stories. For more keep reading! The session ended at 2.45 pm with a decision made to meet at 12.30 pm the coming Wednesday!

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  1. inspiring!!

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