life, love and more!

Date- 17th august 2011
Location- Santa Cruz, Shastri nagar.
Participants- Mehzabeen, Afreen, Saba, Rohini, Mahananda, Zeenat, Sushma, Sumaiya, Bhavna, Praveen, Meena, Mayuri
The session started today at around 1 pm. The focal point was to basically just join together all the different body parts that they had created using different references, as a single piece to resemble a woman. During that process they also added simple but required details like hair and extra decorative embellishments within the salwar and mehendi on the hands! Most of them have shown pregnant women. They were also asked to make a pop-up cloud depicting different dreams and aspirations of those young women via text or illustrations.
While they were working a conversation started floating about female infoeticide. Questions such as why is it still prevalent? Where is it practised? Why should it be banned were raised. They answered all the questions and also stated that men and women are equal and should be treated so. However its not the case yet. Boys, to this day, are given much more preference over girls. Not much was done today other than assimilation of the past few weeks work! Although it was a simple session they had lots of fun anyway! 🙂

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