Shopping Rhymes


Susie went to Dadar west

Hoping to find the very best

Of all the things that were on sale –

Pots and pans and plates and pails.


Through the busy streets she went

Like a cop on a mission sent

She met a man in a small shop

Who sat like a god on a hill top.


Susie said to the man

“Show me all that you can!”

So he sold some potent stuff

Which she liked very much.


A pickle jar she hunted down

White in colour with a ring of brown

A little kettle, some huge spoons

And massive sieves made of wood

With a frame of shiny steel

She struck a very good deal

At last she threw in a rolling pin

And the man said “It’s win-win.”


The sun was still high when Susie had won

She told herself, “Job well done!”

And to Dharavi she rode away

To tell this tale another day!


To Chor Bazaar Nandita strode

Hoping to find some cheap store

With a glint in her eye and some say

Nandita swore she would have her way.


The shops were many but the prices steep

Antiques aren’t really that cheap

Change of plans, Nandita left

Minutes away, some wares were kept.


Maulana Azad road was rich

With the things that people ditch

Nandita found what she sought

At prices cheap by the lot.


A dusty shelf for a start

A slender door to depart

A cupboard fit for a queen

Were among the things she had seen.


After many a game of sly deception

The men won’t give her the next reception

For the prices went from twos to halves

And Nandita had her way at last.


She drove to SNEHA a happy woman

And there on the roads was a good omen

Old windows lay with no one to care

Now stacked on her cab, free of fare!


To apna Hill Road Priya went

Full of work and totally spent

But she had made her mind up that day

That she would buy some cloth anyway.


Some cloth the women had asked

To finish their happy sewing task

Something bright and something cheery

For of old colours they were weary.


So Priya saw some happy shades

Of all things bright and none too pale

Some greens, some pinks and some yellow

To cheer the women who had gone too mellow.


She was sure Bubbly would like the stripes

So she bought some different types

Of cloth for the women to share

To weave their dreams, if they dare.

2 responses to “Shopping Rhymes

  1. fantastic stuff Benita. Really creative and the previous story is very touching.
    Susie xx

  2. Thanks Susie, those shopping expeditions were much fun, weren’t they? We shall have many more such coming up in the next few weeks, won’t we?The credit for the previous story goes to Priya.

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