The Dream Slippers

The Ceramics group of the Dekha Undekha initiative has been helping locals from the potter community at Kumbharwada, Dharavi to make clay artifacts. One of their projects was to translate their dreams onto clay slippers. From dust to dreams!

Past attempts at pottery by the ceramics group. Seen in this photo are Parvati (left) and Daksha.

Daksha making one of her dreams on the slippers - a rose garden!

Mentor Rashi's dream: a traffic-less road. Truly a dream in Mumbai!!

Parvati would love to feed the birds...

...while mentor Neha dreams of climbing the tallest peak.

to fly a kite! Ashwin's dream.

detail of Ashwin's kite. The string is a copper wire. Talk about Ashwin's innovation and resourcefulness.

Mamta, Ashwin's sister and a primary schoolteacher, would so love to run a school of her own someday

Rashi's dream, a cat. Purr!

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4 responses to “The Dream Slippers

  1. i want them too. the dream slippers! 🙂

  2. Gharoghari matichay chuliiiiiii.

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