A Stitch by Nine

The textile group of the Dekha Undekha Programme has nine vibrant women. A closer look at their tailoring passions, their loves and lives:

The youngest of the tailors is Afreen. She has been educated till the tenth standard. As a tailor, she loves learning new patterns and stitches. She also loves listening to music and would have liked to make a career out of it like Shreya Goshal.

Seventeen year old Sumaiya is a stylish girl who loves designing gowns. She also knows a whole lot of beauty tips and becoming a beautician is one of her favourite dreams.

Beneath her burkha, Aanaya is a petite girl with a spark. She has been interested in designing clothes since childhood. She loves working with cotton fabric, velvet and sequins. She has studied till the twelfth standard at SNDT University, Mumbai. She proudly states that she designs her own clothes!

Mehzabeen is a twenty three old B.Com. graduate from L.S. Raheja College, Mumbai. She is passionate about tailoring and is very skilled at embroidery. One of her favourite past times is glass painting.

Zeenat is one of those for whom a distraction became a passion. As a twenty four old mother, she took up tailoring to pass her time at home. She is very happy to use her skills to design and stitch her daughter’s clothes. She is an excellent cook of South Indian cuisine and her peers admire her dosas and idlis.

Parveen has beautiful heavy eyes. She has studied till the tenth standard, is the mother of two children and is thirty two years of age. She loves doing crotchet and fabric painting. And, of course, she loves eating sweets.

At the age of thirty five, Mridula is a deceptively quiet mother. She is fascinated by tailoring and loves making quilts. She loves watching television.

Rohini studied tailoring before marriage and has now become very involved with it. She came to Mumbai seventeen years ago and is the proud wife of a man who works for the Mumbai police. She absolutely dislikes household chores and is a very dedicated mother.

Mahananda is forty one years of age and works as a tailoring teacher at Sane Guruji Vidya Mandir, the school that she studied in. Her job is the perfect combination of the things that are dear to her – teaching and tailoring. She leads a singleton’s life and has no qualms about it! She loves travelling and meeting her relatives.


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