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Moving In

This house shall be green. With shades of blue infused. It shall be a shell of turquoise with elements of white. This is the colour that we paint on the walls of our houses. You take a walk on the streets of Dharavi and you will soon find a house just like ours. We announce that we are here.

This house shall have a bed, a cupboard, a television and a stove. It shall have real furniture and each piece will tell a story and share a memory. The furniture is not perfect; its material is replaced with experience. The house shall have that which makes it a home.

This house shall be my body. Everything in it, from the big pieces to the small, is symbolic of what I am. My emotions, my stress, my ill health, my happiness, my leisure, my diet – all of these are embedded into the house. Watch me as I grow into you.

This house shall be a playground. It shall have things rising from the floor and suspended from the ceiling. You will want to play, to explore, to touch, to feel and to take in every colour that our artists put into the furniture. It is bound to stir up your curiosity.

This house shall also be a bridge. People have conversed and dialogues have emerged. People will argue while discussing it and people will agree while building it. It will connect that which was considered disparate. Bonds will be forged, ties will be made.

This house shall gather dust. It shall get crowded. It shall be noisy.

This house shall be a beginning.