The Eyes Behind The Frames

What mainly started off as a venture into curiosity has now become a meaningful mode of expression for these men and women from Dharavi. A closer look at them will make us re-think what we ordinarily imagine a photography enthusiast would be like. The participants of the Dekha Undekha photography group have been able to express the conditions and the intricacies of their lives through the medium of photography. These are the eyes behind the frames.

Like every other twenty two year old, Rupesh Sable is a young man of varied interests in life. On the one hand he studies ICWAI and hopes to become a cost accountant soon. On the other, he is actively involved with acting and is a regular performer at plays that are staged at various mandals during Ganesh Chaturthi. His most cherished performance is that of a drunkard husband. Photography, he feels, is the best way to capture a fleeting moment.

All of twenty five years of age, Sunita Anthony D’ Souza is the mother of three children. She is part of SNEHA as a social worker against domestic violence and crimes against children. She dreams of establishing an orphanage one day. She proudly states that she may not be working, she may not be literate but she loves photography.

Zarina Khan has never been to school and is a petite woman of twenty eight. She works for SNEHA as a social worker against domestic violence. She goes with the belief that the camera is a tool of power in any person’s hands as it is useful for documentation and dissemination of evidence. She says that she would love to be a fashion photographer someday!

Asma B Qasim does not intend to marry anytime soon. At thirty one, she is a great fan of Hrithik Roshan. She works in an export line cutting unit in Dharavi. She once looked at the many foreigners who came to Dharavi with professional cameras and is now glad that               she too clicks away.

Komal works as a seamstress at a women’s undergarments production unit. She was imbibed into the photography group out of sheer recognition for her hard work which SNEHA did not wish to part with. She was slow to love photography and realised she is now a more confident person.

Rohit Pachrane has been interested in photography for the past one year. He is a junior college Arts student. He absolutely loves the practice of photography and has already had an exhibition of his photos on Dharavi at Ganesh Vidya Mandir. Among his other interests are cricket, hiphop and kathak.


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